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Business is good, and you decide to move to larger premises within Sydney. You then quickly realise, to your chagrin, that most of your staff are reluctant to participate in this exercise – even if the move takes place during office hours. They would rather have a few days off, which is precisely why you need the services of trusted, professional office removalists in Sydney to get the job done quickly so you can get back to business sooner rather than later.

At Tony Removals & Storage, we offer full-service successful office removals in Sydney at competitive prices, helping to minimise the stress of moving from one office to another.

The Challenges Of Office Relocations In Sydney

Moving house is a breeze compared to moving to a new office. It’s always acceptable to have a few weeks of unpacking, sorting and arranging things at your new home afterwards. But when you move to a new office, everything must be ready for use immediately. Being aware of the following challenges makes it possible to plan for the worst and expect the best from your office relocation in Sydney:
  • An office environment is a combination of personal, communal and restricted spaces. Each must be handled separately during a move. For example, people tend to arrange their workspace in a particular manner for maximum efficiency and prefer to keep their current desk, chair, telephone, etc. Yet they also clutter drawers with personal items or items specific to their jobs. At the same time, the IT infrastructure is off-limits to everyone except the techies. The challenge is to pack, transport and unpack all of this correctly without ruffling anyone’s tail feathers too much.
  • It has been estimated that any business that experiences downtime in excess of two weeks will fail within three years. Moving an office to a new location is akin to downtime, which means that the whole disassembly and packing, moving, unpacking and settling in the process must be carried out and completed within days. It’s therefore recommended that you attempt the relocation over a long weekend.
Now you know why you must hire professional removalists for your office removals in Sydney. So, it is best to bring Tony Removals & Storage onboard for successful office removals. We are professional office movers who are dedicated to making the whole process as seamless as possible.

What Are Some Things I Should Keep in Mind When Working with an Office Removalist?

It makes sense to use professional office movers instead of coercing your staff into the job. However, even though the movers will be doing the hard work, they shouldn’t be left to do everything. There are many ways in which you and your staff can work with your office removalists in Sydney to speed up the move, including:

At the end of the last official day of business at the current premises, staff should pack up their own personal spaces. This includes desk drawers, pinboards and filing cabinets. These items must be placed in boxes, securely sealed with tape and clearly marked. Sensitive documents, maps and models should be removed and either temporarily stored off-site or transported by a responsible person to the new premises and securely stored there.

The IT staff must ensure that the necessary cabling and power points have been installed and tested at the new premises. There is nothing as dangerous and frustrating for movers than having to mind coils of CAT-6 cabling everywhere while hauling heavy steel cabinets and oak desks into offices.

Clearly mark the corresponding spaces at the new premises where items will be placed. This will allow us to move the right furniture and boxes into the right offices and cubicles, allowing your staff to quickly unpack at the start of the next business day so they can get to work immediately.

Arrange for sufficient parking for our vans and trucks at both premises. While we’re strapping lads, we don’t like carrying furniture down the street to the public parking lot. It might also be necessary to obtain a vehicle permit for certain hours if you’re conducting an office relocation in the Sydney CBD.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Removalists

You’re likely convinced by now that using professional office removalists is the way to go, and you also know how to assist the movers in getting the job done quickly. All that remains is to convince you why we’re the best in the business and what benefits we offer your company regarding office removals in Sydney. So, let’s go:
  • Our professional removalists supply all the necessary packing materials at competitive prices if you don’t have any of your own. We always use heavy-duty packing blankets around items that cannot be boxed. Large furniture is meticulously disassembled and then re-assembled in the new office.
  • We provide a value-added cleaning service for the vacated premises, and we will accept and recycle all packing materials used in the move.
  • We only employ professional and vetted office removalists in Sydney. This allows us to get the job done quickly and provide the option of comprehensive insurance of your equipment and furniture for the duration of the move against damage or theft. We always ensure that we provide successful office removals making it easy for your company to start functioning right away.

What is Your Moving Quote for Office Relocations?

You can get a free quote for your office relocation in Sydney by calling Tony Removals & Storage on 1300 931 888 or completing our online enquiry form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with an accurate quote.

How Can an Office Removalist Help Me?

A professional office removalist can help you in a variety of ways, from reducing the time spent moving (and the associated downtime) to providing superior protection for your items during transit to minimise the risk of damage. Our professional removalists can also assist with disassembly and packing to ensure everything is securely packed and boxed, as well as providing all the packaging materials you need, making us a one-stop shop for successful office removals.

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